Our Mission

Today, more than 1 billion people in low- and middle-income countries lack access to basic healthcare. In countries without comprehensive health insurance or state-funded healthcare, out-of-pocket payments remain the mainstay of healthcare financing. Using mobile technology we provide a platform for a streamlined, transparent payment and savings tool for healthcare.

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Our Impact

We have been working to develop healthcare in Madagascar since 2011. Today, we are collaborating with more than 30 hospitals and health centers in the country and our projects have a direct impact on more than 5.000 patients every month. Working in the rural south of Madagascar, we have years of experience in managing healthcare financing and subsidy schemes. We run several programs to support the treatment costs for the very poorest patients. Our team processes hundreds of reimbursement claims from basic health facilities and hospitals every month.


thousand Euros raised

Thanks to generous supporters, we will be able to send more than 250.000EUR directly to patients. Using mTOMADY our donors can be sure that the money can only be spent on healthcare.



partnering Healthcare providers

Within the next months, mTOMADY will become available at more than 30 basic healthcare facilities and hospitals in Antananarivo, Madagascar.



Thousand patients by end of 2018 

By the end of this year we will have more than 5.000 people using mTOMADY. We currently focus only on maternal and newborn health.


Our Solution

mTOMADY is a platform for financial inclusion in healthcare by providing people with a health savings and payment account on their mobile phone. It facilitates healthcare financing for those who are currently locked out from formal savings and insurance mechanisms. By using existing mobile money infrastructure, mTOMADY is a closed loop system enabling people to save, send, receive and pay money exclusively for healthcare.

mTOMADY can be integrated into existing activities — replacing cash flows — to improve efficiency, accountability, and transparency in financial transactions.


Increase transparency

Digitizing payment streams in healthcare increases transparency and accountability for every dollar spent in the system. Sponsors and patients can be sure that the funds put on the platform are only accessible to be spent on healthcare.

Data Driven

We collect anonymized data on healthcare system usage, disease prevalence, and savings and spending habits. This can be used to inform governmental and other health campaign sponsors to improve impact and efficiency of intervention campaigns.

Universal Access

mTOMADY unlocks an opportunity to save and pay for healthcare to populations currently locked out from formal insurance and banking mechanisms. By offering mTOMADY in partnership with mobile phone operators, almost everyone has access to the service - no matter how remote a family lives.  

Simplicity is key

Using mTOMADY is extremely simple. It runs on any phone using low-key USSD technology without requiring an active internet connection. For health care providers, mTOMADY integrates seamlessly in existing pen-and-paper-based processes providing a streamlined digital solution for handling payments and patient management.



April 2018

We need to rethink existing approaches to improve the access to basic healthcare for the population, especially the poor. Conditional cash transfers and vouchers would be an excellent strategy as long as there is technology in place to ensure a safe and transparent distribution.

Former World Bank Head of Mission